Stumptown Coffee Roasters


I’m lucky. One of my greatest joys in life comes to me every single morning in the form of a cup of coffee. Some choose the bargain basement sludge known as Starbucks and some choose the economically viable, yet watered-down, coffee New York street carts serve. Either way, it pales (literally) in comparison to Stumptown Roasters Coffee. A little roastery in Portland, Oregon that produces coffee… and damn fine coffee at that.

Stumptown roasts small batches of coffee from fair trade farms (bona fide) to produce exquisite beans that redefine aromatic and body. Honestly, you haven’t had a cup of coffee until you’ve had a proper press-pot Holler Mountain Blend, a blend of Indonesian and Latin American coffees – a perfect blend of body and sweet aroma.

Cost: $14-$80 @ Stumptown Coffee

How to: Proper guide to use a French Press (aka Press Pot) – Read on CoffeeGeek.