Gear Patrol Salute to the US Open | Follow-up


If you missed any of the gut wrenching drama of the US Open then you missed one of the most spectacular showdowns in all of sports. Four rounds and an 18-hole playoff were not enough to settle it between the #1 ranked played in the world and the 158th that it had to go to sudden death. Tiger called this win his greatest championship and I have to agree. He showed a new level of fortitude and perseverance that we have yet to see from him, and that’s saying a lot. Winning when you’re 100% is great; gutting it out when your not is what separates the true champions.

My thoughts after the jump.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the other winner. Rocco Mediate, who in my opinion, played the best golf tee to green of anyone and battled Tiger like a heavyweight prize fighter, going blow for blow. And he did it while having the time of his life, smiling, talking to the crowds and generally putting on a show worthy of his long time friend Arnold Palmer. Most said it was a foregone conclusion that Tiger would win. I bet if you asked Tiger, he wasn’t so sure. Rocco managed what few if any have done before and that is to continue to play at their best in Tiger’s presence. Rocco has over a decade of experience on Tiger and has played most of that with a bad back. He epitomizes everything that is special about the US Open and he would have been a worthy champion if he had prevailed. Rocco I’m pulling for you for the Ryder Cup team, the US could use a player with your passion and character.

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