Ricoh G600 Outdoor Digital Camera

ricoh-g600-rugged-outdoor-digital-camera.jpgYour active lifestyle necessitates rugged gear. What you use to capture those moments shouldn’t be any different. The Ricoh G600 isn’t a product widely available here in the states. As a matter of fact, any one that you find is most likely a gray market product, but that doesn’t lessen it’s capabilities.

The G600 is a 10 megapixel camera with a water (down to 1 meters), dust resistant design and it passes the US Department of Defense 1.5 meter shock drop test. The G600 is equipped with a 28mm 5x optical zoom lens, flash that reaches 10 meters, 2.7 inch LCD display, and 14 degree operating capability making it slightly stronger than that plastic enconscned consumer-grade Sony Cybershot you got sitting in your bag.

Cost: ~$700 @ Local Ricoh Dealer