Strength Training: Get Stronger, Not Bigger – GP Fitness Week 3


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GP.FEATURE.gifMost of us don’t use all of our available muscle fibers or more simply put our muscle’s potential. In fact we fall well short. Strength training is as much about conditioning your mind to utilize your body’s full potential as it is developing the muscles themselves. Every guy wants to be stronger, but you don’t have to spend a lifetime pumping iron to do it. Men’s Fitness has an article that looks closer at this philosophy. To build usable strength you need to force your body out of its comfort zone. Your mind will need to call on more and more muscle fibers to cope with what you’re throwing at it. If you’re into bulking up to look strong that’s your choice, but if you’d rather out lift someone much bigger than you then read on.

Try This:

One of the philosophies in building relative strength is to lift extremely heavy weights at very low repetitions. Pick out a weight lifting exercise where you are well supported, i.e. bench press, dead lift etc. Make sure you have a spotter and add on weight until you find a weight you are only able to do once. From there take 90% of that weight and try and crank out three sets of three reps. You’re going to struggle… a lot, but it’s the struggle that forces your mind to adapt and that will increase overall strength without adding bulk. Incorporate this strategy into your routine once or twice a week over the next month and you’re going to see results. Imagine being 50% stronger with your current muscle mass. If you’re interested Men’s Fitness has two great monthly routines that I have personally done and love. No Bulk Workout & Wave Loading

Supplement Recommendation: Creatine helps regenerate your body’s supply of short burst energy. You can read more about what creatine does here. SizeOn by Gaspari ($49) is the first creatine with a “two staged” delivery system requiring absolutely no “loading period”. Don’t worry; you’re not going to blow up like a muscle head. You’re just going to have a little extra in the tank when it comes time for the next set. Replenishing short burst energy is perfect for weight lifting and will help you fight through either of the brutal workouts above.

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