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By Guest Writer Mark Arevalo

We’ve reviewed a couple of running shoes at Gear Patrol; mostly trail runners, but like many guys I live in a concrete jungle. The closest I’ll get to trail running is a dirt path in Central Park. That’s one reason I run in a pair of mi adidas shoes. The other reasons are even better, but I’ll get to that in a second.

First lets go down the running credentials to lend some credibility. I ran my first 5k at age 15 and the rest is history. I’ve run on three different continents in climates that range from hot and steamy to dry and bitter cold. Seemingly impossible hills motivate me, not deter. Sounds of the ten thousandth stride exhilarate. I love running.

That said, let me tell you why mi adidas are the only running shoes I’ll ever recommend. Read why after the jump.

Right about now there are several runners, podiatrist, trainers, and wannabe foot experts asking how I could possibly recommend one shoe for all runners. The answer is simple: mi adidas isn’t one shoe. It’s your shoe. Whether you have normal pronation, overpronation, or supination, mi adidas will build a shoe for you. That’s because mi adidas is a customized shoe program. It’s the only mass consumer program I know of that lets you build a shoe to completely suit your running style. Here’s how it works.

  1. Forget inaccurate size charts. The width and length of each foot are measured to a tenth of a millimeter.
  2. You then run on a scanning pad that analyzes pressure points, running patterns, heel strike, and other features. Based on these measurements, they recommend a sole type.
  3. Finally, the best is saved for last. You choose colors and a couple of personal touches like your name or your personal m.o.


This whole process takes about 30 minutes and your shoes are shipped to you in four weeks.

Currently, you can purchase mi adidas at their New York and San Francisco stores so plan accordingly. A store in Chicago is opening soon. And for those of you that require exercise to involve some type of ball, mi adidas also makes custom soccer, basketball, racquetball and tennis shoes.

Cost: $150+ @ Adidas