Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks

devil-may-care-new-james-bond-novel-sebastian-faulks.jpgWith a name like Sebastian Faulks, you might think it was one of the series’ characters authoring the new James Bond novel, but alas Faulks is real and he’s done a bang-up job with Devil May Care.

The latest chapter in the spy’s life takes us to the outskirts of Paris where an Algerian drug runner is executed. Bond is then recalled from his sabbatical in Rome to shadow Dr. Julius Gorner who’s pharamaceutical empire has taken a turn towards opium related drugs, legal and illegal. The female accomplice, is Scarlett Papava. A Parisian who we undoubtedly is described as a woman with limitless… facets.

Lest you think this is set in modern-day times, Faulks has taken off right were Ian Flemming left Bond, the Cold War. A welcome turn, in my opinion.

Cost: $17 @ Amazon