LostGolfBalls.com Refinished & Refurbished Golf Balls


GP.REVIEW1.gifGolf is challenging enough and chances are you’re making it harder on yourself by playing with crap golf balls. As it turns out that little white golf ball is the only piece of equipment the average hacker uses that is identical to the pros. I would wager that unless you’re a low handicapper or Daddy Warbucks the biggest influencer in your buying decision is price.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating that we all switch to the Titleist Pro V1 (~$4 per ball). On the contrary I’m suggesting that you find a ball that fits your game… or lack there of. Do the smart thing and check out LostGolfBalls.com to find a recycled like-new version of your ball at reasonable and attainable prices. Golf balls, after all, have a tendency to disappear.

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As the largest golf ball recycler in the world, LostGolfBalls.com has over 100 combined years of industry experience. They utilize two high speed advanced ball washing machines (they happen to be the two largest in the world) to tackle over 200,000 balls each day. Throw in one of the strictest quality standards around and you have an incredible source for like new golf balls at close to 50% of retail prices. LostGolfBalls.com also offers a wide selection of new clubs, apparel and accessories.

Scale_AAAAA1.gifI pitted recycled Titlist Pro V1 and Bridgestone B330s balls (both of which I play regularly) against new versions and was pleasantly surprised by their look, feel and playability. The recycled balls played in every aspect as well as their new brethren. Forego those muddy scuffed balls you find in the woods and leave it to the professionals to supply you with the right golf ball for your game. At the prices they offer you won’t cringe the next time you dunk one in a hazard. With a 100% no-questions-asked “30 day money back guarantee” based upon performance, feel, and overall appearance what do you have to lose?

Titleist Pro V1 AA $8 | AAA $10 | AAAA $17 | AAAAA $24
Bridgestone B300s AA $8 | AAA $12 | AAAA $20 | AAAAA $30