Best Buy Reward Zone Silver Premier

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Recently I was invited to upgrade my Best Buy Reward Zone account to the new Reward Zone Silver Premier level. Evidently, a membership deemed for those Best Buy recognizes as their most valued members (read: those that spend too much). Normally, I’m not prone to participate in reward points type programs, but the Premier Silver program does bring some very worthwhile benefits to the table, like: extended return policy, free shipping, and faster point accrual. Read on to find out how the Silver Premier program works and what you can benefit from it.

The benefits:

  • 25% Point Bonus – earn points 25% faster
  • Point Banking – bank points over time for larger gift certificates
  • Exclusive Rewards – unique experiences, rewards and services
  • Members-Only Events – invitations to private shopping events
  • Extended Return Policy – 45-day return period
  • Free Shipping – free shipping on all purchases
  • Dedicated Services Line – dedicated 24/7 customer service line and priority service
  • Complimentary Geek Squad consultation and six-month online data backup service
  • Free Membership


For those of you interested in joining, there is essentially only one major criteria to upgrade your membership: spend $2,500 per calendar year. In more sober terms, 2.5% of those of you earning $100,000… gross. The membership lasts a minimum of 14 months once you become eligible.

Cost: Free* @ MyRewardZone

Post Script: My membership invitation arrived the same day as my economic stimulus check. Planned? I sincerely hope not.

*aforementioned prerequisites withstanding