Gear Patrol + The Truth About Cars


Gentlemen, we’re pleased to announce that Gear Patrol and The Truth About Cars are teaming up to bring you The Truth About Cars fiercely independent expert car reviews on Gear Patrol. We’ll be highlighting a new T.T.A.C. vehicle review on Gear Patrol every week. In time, you can also expect to see Gear Patrol auto gear (in car entertainment, navigation, audio, etc) reviews on The Truth About Cars.

What you will be getting: No-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners automotive reviews delivered to you by incendiary, witty and veracious writers. Essentially, a better understanding of what a fine automobile entails without any fat.

What you will not be getting: Watered-down, long-winded marketing babble coming from writers paid to write positive reviews because their advertising budgets depend on it.