HP Touchsmart All-In-One PC


HP wants you to think that your keyboard and mouse are passé. Not unlike someone else we know. The Touchsmart PC might good and well make you a believer too.

The Touchsmart PC is all about simplicity and sleek design. Out of the box, it only requires you plug the power cable and you’re set. A wireless keyboard, mouse and remote are at your diposable, but the cool factor with this computer resides in it’s next-generation touch-enabled high definition 22 inch widescreen. From the home screen you can simply slide through its menus with your hand to access photos, videos, music and applications.

The PC itself is encased in a piano black case with espresso side-panels and comes equipped with a DVD Burner, Bluetooth, WLAn and Intel Core 2 Duo Processor.

Cost: $1300 – $1500 @ Best Buy or Amazon ($50 Discount with Pre-Order)