N.E.R.D. | Seeing Sounds

N.E.R.D.-Seeing-Sounds.jpgThe Neptunes consist of Grammy Award winning producers and songwriters Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, but the N.E.R.D. tri-fecta consists of Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, and longtime friend Shae Haley. ‘Seeing Sounds’ is an intense mash-up of hip-hop beats, rock riffs, rumbling crunk rhythms and soul music. This diversity of sound is what N.E.R.D. is best at and this album doesn’t disappoint.

A little background: ‘Seeing Sounds’, was inspired by a show the trio watches on the Discovery channel about synesthesia – a neurological disorder that causes people to experience sounds as colors or as objects in their minds. I can’t attest to seeing actual sounds, but this album puts N.E.R.D. back on the same track that ‘In Search’ was on. Long story short, it’s an album that fulfills my cravings when I’m in the mood for everything.

Cost: $11 @ Amazon