iPhone 3G – First Impressions

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GP.EDITORIAL.gifBy Ben Bowers – As I groggily took my place in line at unspeakably early Saturday morning hours, I questioned if all the hype was justified. My previous smart phone was 3G compatible and served me well over the last year. So what if it didn’t have a glossy back, touch screen, or a brand that let people know you stood for everything hip (overly?) in the world.

My doubts melted though the moment the sales attendant placed the gleaming white bar in my palm… right then and there I started drinking the iPhone koolaid…

Now after having only successfully navigated two nights with its ease and style, it’s very clear why the iPhone is worthy of so much undivided attention, not to mention my entire Saturday morning.

Despite pushing limits in design with its revolutionary touch screen, storage space, and string of sensors monitoring everything from the position of the phone in your hand, to the ambient light levels of the area around it, to the proximity of your face to the phone when making a call; it seems like the real strength of the iPhone is its instinctual understanding of how people want to interact with technology.

Unlike other phones on the market which hide their features behind layers of submenus, the genius of the colorful icons peppering the iPhone’s screen is in their uncanny ability to fuel curious explorations of all of the phones features. In fact from my early estimations, so far the phone could potentially replace at least some every separate device/tool you already own.

Needless to say, at the end of this weekend after hours of exploring each individual icon I found myself frustrated. Frustrated for lacking more reasons to keep tapping and sliding my day away (the iPhone App Store will undoubtedly remedy that itch). Everything with this device feels natural, and it’s ability to take on the applications will extend it’s functionality only as far as cleverness allows. That’s why this phone is revolutionary, perhaps even more so than the original iPhone. It just happens to be an added bonus that you catch eyes with it whenever its next to your ear.

After more time with it, we’ll get back to you with a thorough review. For know though I’ll get back to being a kid in candy store.