Ben Bowers | New GP Contributing Editor

From the Editor: – Today I’m glad to say that the Gear Patrol team has grown 7 strong with our newest editor, Ben Bowers. You’ve already read Ben’s first thoughts on the iPhone, but be sure to catch all his posts here. Bowers, based here in New York, will be focused on keeping you in the know on electronics, gadgets that actually mean something to you – unlike much of the repetitive drivel you’re seeing out there on the web. On to Ben’s intro…

ben-bowers-gear-patrol.jpgBorn in Baton Rouge and educated on the East coast, I’m currently fighting my way through the ranks of the Big Apple and let me tell you, it’s a war.

Gadget obsessed and tenaciously hungry for new technology, I’m always on the hunt for glimpses of the latest and greatest. The only rule is that they’ve got to be legit. None of that speculation nonsense every site and blog seems dead set on rehashing and repeating. Good gear that’s worth your’s (and my) time.

Otherwise you’ll find me on my turntables scouring over an ever expanding collection – mission: creating the perfect mix. As some of the other Gear Patrol editors will attest, my golf game is ‘developing’ (whether I like it or not) right in sync with my voracious appetite for red wine, both of which will bring any payroll to its knees. They told me when I joined the team here at Gear Patrol that the site’s purpose is about advancing one’s self and sharing just how that’s done with our readers… I’m looking forward to doing just that.

Ben can be reached for question or comments via e-mail at [email protected]