Klipsch Image Headphones | Editor’s Choice

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Tempted as you may be to associate the Klipsch Image headphones with the tattered original headphones currently strangling to your ipod; one listen to these copper beauties and you’ll know these are a class apart.

Touted as the smallest and lightest headphones in production, we put these miniscule tubes through their paces to settle for certain if they met the standards we’ve come to expect from a company like Klipsch. Read on to see why.


Right off the bat I was impressed with how well the little guys handled the electro thrashing of the Killer’s emotionally charged ‘Somebody Told Me’. In fact during Brandon Flower’s particularly heated moments, the IMAGES obliged my voracity for power so well that I was forced to throttle back my typical listening volume for comforts sake.

Switching over to Beethoven’s symphony no. 5 in C minor, the test subject proved it had a pension for subtly as well. The unbridled strings of the piece really showcased the Klipsch’s clean sound as the double base and cello easily distinguished themselves from their franticly pitched viola and violin counter parts.

Finally we threw on the Gorillaz’s ‘Feel Good Inc’ to check out bass reproduction. As is the case with majority of in ear headphones on the market, the IMAGE’s tuned bass reflex system fell slightly short of satisfying bass gluttons, but anyone that appreciates distortion-free bass reproduction have no need to fret, the IMAGE headphones are sonically sound.

klipsch_image.jpgIt should also be mentioned that taking the time before listening to select the right sized contour ear gels and properly adjust them went a along way in enhancing our overall listening experience. The noise isolating design was immersive and so effective at stopping ambient noise it was borderline dangerous when walking down crowded streets. Overpriced gimmicky active noise-cancelling headphones are moot.

The bottom line here is that these little buds cannot disappoint, delivering enough distortion free power to make their speaker forefathers proud. The balanced full-range armature micro-drivers deliver a superior acoustic experience, with the dynamic clarity and accuracy you’d expect from Klipsch. Definitely, this editor’s choice.

Cost: $349 @ Amazon