If you’re gearing up for Fantasy Football draft day then Redhook’s got the sweepstakes for you. It all starts with a beer fridge that looks like a tool box as part of an ultimate fantasy football draft day party that includes:

  • A Redhook Toolbox Fridge
  • An Ultra Series Flip Video Camcorder
  • A 54×46 Inch Draft Day Board
  • A “Fantasy Football League Winner” Redhook t-shirt for the champ
  • A “whiner” hat for the sorest loser (or baldest guy) in the league
  • Eight Redhook branded pint glasses, t-shirts and coasters

The winners are selected based on their trash talking skills (skillz for some) and starting August 8th you’ll be able to use their virtual insult library to hurl professionally crafted insults and trash talk e-cards. Football + Beer = Good Times Trash Talk.

Redhook Fantasy Football Trash Bash