GP Protocol | Rule #33 – Know More Than One Way To Tie A Tie

gp_protocol.gifSure, you know how to tie a tie. But do you know more than one way to do it? Every man should know at least two of the three common knots. Ties come in all different shapes and sizes and the proper knot is crucial to complete an ensemble. The three most common knots are the Four In Hand, Half Windsor, and Full Windsor. If you don’t know them all, check out the site Animated Knots. And while your there, advance yourself a bit and learn some other basic knots like the bowline, sheet bend, and figure eight. You never know when you’ll need this stuff to save a damsel in distress.

Advice Postscript: Unless you are the incarnation of Gianni Versace, don’t ever wear the tie featured in the demo.