Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS)

Boulder-Outdoor-Survival-School-(BOSS).jpgIf spending time in southern Utah’s red rock canyons hiking 10-20 miles daily – without tents, matches, flashlights, sounds like your idea of a good time, then we’ve got the trip for you.

Described as a low-tech wilderness experience, discover how to survive the harsh desert and push past the false limits your mind has set for your body on the Boulder Outdoor Survival School’s (B.O.S.S.) signature field course. Armed with a only knife, water cup, and poncho, thanks to renowned survival experts, you’ll learn Chuck Norris toughness drinking from rivers, finding edible plants and lighting fires by rubbing sticks together.

Make no mistake these trips are not for the feint of heart and in order to be accepted you must first be evaluated by a doctor to ensure you’re in acceptable health. Additionally all participants are required to sign a battery of legal waivers, as well as perform a series of physical tests before being allowed to set off.

However if a challenge is what you seek, there’s no better place to find it, and you if manage to complete it we’ll be the first to acknowledge you’re a certified badass.

Cost: $1265 – $3625 @ Boulder Outdoor Survival School