TaylorMade Tour Burner Driver | Editor’s Choice

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Everyone wants to bomb it off the tee. There’s nothing more satisfying than blistering a golf ball down the middle of the fairway (in golf anyway). Unfortunately, there is only one way to hit the ball further: generate faster ball speeds. TaylorMade Golf has come up with a solution that doesn’t require swinging out of your shoes, the Tour Burner Driver.

I could bore you with talk of incredible MOI, proprietary inverted cone technology that produce higher COR or new superfast technology that delivers an extra 11 yards over the competition; suffice it to say golf balls should beware. If you care to, you can read more about the super fast technology here. The Tour Burner bombs, blasts and bludgeons golf balls so far your buddies will cower in your presence. I air-mailed their drives so many times I ran out of disparaging remarks by the back nine.

I don’t put a driver in my bag for its technology, just for its results and this driver is in my bag. Forget moveable weights and square headed drivers that sound like empty tuna cans. Trust me, you’ll get used to being the longest one in your foursome in a hurry. [More images after the jump]

What this mean for you: You’re going to need more wedges, a lot of ’em.

Cost: $399 @ Golfsmith

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