ICON A5 Unveiled

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Right now, a revolution is occuring in aviation. If you haven’t noticed, the team here at GP enjoys a healthy dose of vehicular obsession, be it by land, sea or air. That’s why we are excited that today, the ICON A5 shed its cloak at AirVenture 2008. This will be the first time the public will be able to experience the A5 amphibian model in person, and even more importantly – place their own orders in person.

Read on for more information about the ICON A5 and additional images.


The ICON is a 2 seat, sport amphibious light sport aircraft that will carry two passengers up to 300 nautical miles at 120 mph powered by its 100 horsepower Rotax 912 ULS engine. Categorized as Light Sport Aircraft the, A5 makes aviation more accessible and affordable than ever before – not to mention an absolute blast. A Sport Pilot license (the category of license required to fly the A5) requires just 20 hours of in-flight training.


Even more interesting is the fact that the ICON A5 has a folding wing setup allowing you to trailer the aircraft. The A5 will take off and land in either water or tarmac with its retractable landing gear. Quite ingenius.


Inside you’ll be encompassed in it’s sports-car like cockpit complete with GPS, stereo, high visibility wrap-around canopy, and LCD multifunction display. No, you’re not looking at the interior of a Porsche. And less you think the ICON A5 is a dangerous luxury toy, know that the A5 also has a complete airplane parachute in addition to an arsenal of safety features. There’s no doubt we’re chomping to get some flight time logged with the ICON A5, not to mention parked in our driveway.


Cost: $139,000 @ ICON Aircraft