Logitech Harmony One


Let’s face it, in today’s modern age having a pile of remotes is no longer acceptable. Frankly, it can also cause terrible entertainment meltdowns after a couple of brews (long story). Luckily for us, while we were off mashing buttons in the dark, the designers over at Logitech were tinkering away trying to create the perfect universal remote.

Have no doubts fellas, their latest creation is by far the best crack at remote nirvana to date and hence the righteously dubbed title of Harmony One (no relation to Keanu Reeves).

Featuring a sharp looking touch screen with menus that cater to the functions you use most often, this is without a doubt the missing link to your perfect home theater. Plus if you’re of the misplacing breed, the One’s convenient charging cradle should help to curb that pesky sofa digging habit. Cheers to simplicity.

Cost: $200 @ Amazon