Under Armour Proto Evade

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Pre-dawn. Alone in an abandoned warehouse. My only company, remains of former glory, the tires and cinderblocks I use as workout tools.

Er… actually, I’m at my bright and somewhat sterile sports club. However, the imagery still holds for the veracity with which I attacked my workouts this week. What’s different this week you ask? I’ve gotten my hands, or feet rather, on a pair of Under Armour’s new Proto Evade trainers.

If you haven’t realized it by now, we at Gear Patrol firmly believe in specialization, i.e. the right equipment for the job. You wouldn’t put snow tires on your car to drive on the Autobahn so why are you using running shoes to cross-train? Don’t think it’s important? Try a set of speed skaters or box jumps in your runners and see how happy your ankles and knees are afterwards. [More on the Under Armour Proto Evade’s after the jump]

The Proto Evade is engineered to comfortably support your foot during any change of direction.

  • Directional Cushioning Engineering enhances lateral agility for explosive side-to-side cuts
  • Full-length Armour Bound™ cushions the foot for ultimate comfort and lightweight, responsive performance
  • Strategically placed Armour Lastic™ absorbs shock, decreasing the effects of impact on the ankle and lower leg

I was more than a little skeptical that Under Armour could produce a highly functioning and comfortable trainer with their first attempt. So I was pleasantly surprised when I threw every ridiculous circuit training routine I could find at them and they not only held their own, they out performed my current cross-trainers. The bottom line is that proper footwear is essential for good training. Your feet need the right support for the type of training you’re doing. Running shoes are for running. Let the Proto Evade handle the rest.

What this means to you: You don’t have to look like a badass to wear these. Your training will speak for itself.

Cost: $80 @ Under Armour