Cork Pops Legacy Wine Opener

corkpops_wine-opener-thumb.jpgThough the methodology for making fine wine might not have changed that much over the centuries, thanks to Cork Pops the same can’t be said for opening it.

Packaged with a CO2 cartridge (good for 60-80 bottles) and featuring a custom designed insertion guide, needle guard, and a patented cork release feature; this wine opener’s specs might sound better suited for surgery. One public opening though will provide enough wow factor to have friends and father in-laws alike clamoring for the next bottle.

However, if you can’t be sold on jealously alone, we also timed the gas powered upstart against the corkscrew standby in an good ole’ fashioned race. Between cutting the foil and uncorking the bottle, the Cork Pops got the job done in just under a quarter of the time it took the old screw to finally regurgitate its charge. Rest assured this had nothing to do with limp wrists.

What this means to you: Thanks to the Legacy, opening a bottle of wine is now almost as fun as drinking it (almost).

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Cost: $28 @ CorkPops

Also Shown: Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2007 – New Zealand ($10)