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Every golfer should play the right golf ball for his game. And by right I mean long and straight. I might as well throw in lots of bite while we’re at it. I know, sounds more like a wish list than any ball you’ve played before. Distance balls fly like hell off the tee but are worthless when trying to hold the green. Softer balls are great for the short game, but the average Joe can’t keep them in play, let alone unleash a bone crushing drive. Well, after playing the past few rounds with the new Tour ix ball from Callaway Golf I have seen the Promised Land and it is sweet.

The Tour ix has a dual core construction. The lower compression inner core provides low spin off the driver for great distance while the higher compression outer core provides high chip-shot spin around the green. Callaway also addresses MOI from the golf ball’s perspective. Higher density mantles move weight away from the center of the ball, reducing spin and maximizing distance. To top it off, the new cover won’t scuff like its predecessors were known to.

This ball was born for take-off. Be it with a driver or a 9-iron, the Tour ix launches off the clubface then parachutes softly onto the green. I’m not a high spin player but I was able to back this ball up. Not convinced? Order a dozen and see for yourself.

What this means to you: I’m going to let you in on a couple of secrets: 1) golf should be enjoyable 2) Playing golf with the Tour ix makes golf enjoyable. What more do you want me to tell you?

Cost: $45 @ World of Golf | Used (AAAAA grade) $31 @

Editor’s Note: Read my post on why I recommend used golf balls. If you can’t play a round without losing half a dozen balls, then do yourself and your wallet a favor and give recycled balls a try. Read Now