SawStop Contractor Saw

A Saw That Will Cut Through Everything But You


At one time in your life, the risk of amputation might have been your only motivation for staying awake in shop class. Now, thanks to SawStop’s revolutionary contact detection and brake system, you can be confident you’ll end each home project with the same number of digits you started with. A good thing.

How does this work? Read and see the video for yourself after the jump. You won’t believe your eyes.

The safety system works by inducing an electrical signal across the blade which is then monitored for changes as it comes into contact with various material. Since wood and the human body react to electricity in different ways, based on alterations to the signal the saw can detect contact with skin and bring the device to a halt in 3-5 milliseconds, or 1/200th of a second.

What this means to you: Potential life altering shop accidents become bandagable knicks, ensuring the only handicap you have relates to your golf score.

Cost: $1,599-$1839 @ Local Dealer