2008 Summer Olympics | What To Watch

What the Gear Patrol Editors Are Watching DVR’ing

Lets hope the air in Beijing isn’t flammable (ESPN)

NBC is showing that Americans do things big and we do it like no one else. With 3,600 hours of high definition video (2,200 hours of it streamed and archived online), NBC is going for its own gold. The event? Largest hard drive.

The GP Team’s gearing up for some of our own Olympic viewing, but we’ve got our eyes set on a few key events. Our DVR’s can handle about 40 hours, anyway and we’re still not ready to give up that trip to the Caribbean just yet. What are we watching? Read on to find out.

Men’s 100-Meter

Finals – Saturday, August 16 – Asafa Powell, Tyson Gay and Usain Bolt. The names almost sound like comic book heroes. With Bolt’s record of 9.72 seconds they might just be. Will the world’s fastest living being please stand up?

Bolt has the credentials to backup his surname. (AP)

Men’s Boxing

Finals – Saturday, August 23 – The rest of the year you have to deal with the underworld driven sport of boxing. At the Olympics, you watch the sport it was always intended to be. Ass kicking for a gold medal.

Men’s 200-Meter Individual Medley

Finals – Friday, August 15 – Phelps is the man to watch, again. But don’t forget his principle threat – Ryan Lochte. Should be interesting to see how much bling Phelps lands for his ever-expanding portfolio of gold.

One day, Phelps may actually lift off (Melbourne)

10-Kilometer Open Water Marathon

August 21 – The 10-K Open Water Marathon is a new sport this year. It’s essentially a marathon, in the water. The best part? officials can’t see what happens underwater. This means grappling, fighting, and other subsurface shenanigans. Foot + Face = Pain.

Women’s Beach Volleyball

Finals – Wednesday, August 20 – Gold medal… for mankind.

us-olympics-womens-beach-volleyball.jpgKerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor are really good at volleyball too. (Getty Images)

Men’s Basketball

Finals – Saturday, August 23 – Dammit, we better win this time. That goes for you Kobe, Carlos, Carmelo, Dwight, Jason, Chris, Tayshaun, Michael, Dwayne and Deron. Oh and you too Kryzewski.

Men’s Table Tennis

Finals – Saturday, August 23 – These guys are furious. They’re angry, they’re fast as hell and they’ve got reflexes faster than human’s should be allowed.

mens-olympic-table-tennis.jpgBalls of Fury? You betcha. (British Olympic Association)

Women’s 25-Meter Rapid Fire Pistol

August 13 – The event – five targets shot in rapid succession on a .22 caliber pistol. It may not have the largest audience (did you even know it was an olympic sport?) but any event that requires women and guns surely has to have some merit.

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