Madden NFL 09

One Step Closer To Actually Being Roger Goodell

The holy grail of virtual gridirons

Believe it or not, that most magical of annual gaming occurrences is upon us once again. Yes, prepare to burn one of your cherished sick days, as the yearly celebration of Maddenoliday is less than a week away. Never mind that Madden NFL 09’s cover boy happens to be wearing the wrong shade of green, this year’s anniversary edition promises to be the most accurate and complete football simulation that you’ve every laid your sweaty mitts on.

Madden NFL 09 represents the 20th iteration of one of the most venerable franchises in all of entertainment. Available for virtually every game system you can think of, the latest in the Madden series truly delivers on the promise of next generation gaming with best-yet graphics (play a game in snowy Foxboro and you’ll see what I mean) and innovative features that should make the man who roams America in the most tricked out tour bus imaginable proud of his digital namesake. Ultra-realistic player models, adaptive difficulty, and online leagues look to make this latest Madden sell like hotcakes.

Of course, multiplayer is where the Madden franchise really shines. The truth is, there’s nothing more satisfying than dismantling your loudmouth, trash talking buddy’s sorry excuse for a defense with a well executed downfield drive. Well, maybe nothing but taking down (and keeping down) an entire Turducken by yourself. Trust me, I know.

Cost: XBOX ($59), Collector’s Edition ($89) | PS3 ($59), Collector’s Edition ($89)