Suunto t6c Heart Rate Monitor

Sports Laboratory On Your Wrist

It’s like running with an army of scientists on your wrist    [click to enlarge image]

The Suunto t6c is a Gear Patrol editor’s wet dream. The t6c features a plethora (yes El Guapo, a plethora) of technology that Suunto somehow managed to cram into a sporty watch. This may not be Michael Knight’s wrist watch, but it’s for the better. Let me explain why: long story short, the Suunto t6c is essentially a sports lab ready to go on your next run or gym session. Find out why and how after the jump.

This bad boy does it all:

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Real-time tracking of calories burned, Training Effect, and EPOC
  • Chronograph with lap split times
  • Altimeter for hill and altitude training
  • Speed, distance, and cycling cadence with optional peripherals
  • Comprehensive physiological analysis on PC

If you want to max out your results you need to track your performance during workouts so I incorporated the Suunto t6c into my fitness routine for the past few weeks. It took only 15 minutes to completely customize the three interfaces to display all relevant information for my training style.

In fact, the Suunto t6c device tracks so many different metrics that one might think it’s overwhelming. In fact, it was just the opposite – customizing the display made using the monitor while exercising efficient and not at all distracting. Perfect for you guy’s who want the benefit of proper monitoring without the fuss. A personal favorite feature: a 60 second counter (perfect for my circuit training). One interface displays time, date & day of week so you can go from workout accessory to fashion accessory with the push of a button.

What this means to you: Extraordinary detail. Extraordinary simplicity.

Cost: $400 @ Suunto