Venturi Eclectic Electro-Solar Vehicle

Energy Autonomous Ride With Atonomous Styling

Round up the wagons Maggie, we’re goin’ green (Stephane Foulon)

Before you yell “what the f**k” at your monitor, think about this for a second… the Venturi Eclectic is a energy-free vehicle. It doesn’t require a drop of gasoline, ever. Its self-powered. Additional information and photos after the jump.

Rodeo Drive or not, you’re guaranteed to stand out (Barry Hathaway)

The Venturi Electic is energy atonomous, it’s solar and wind powered (with optional turbine mast) and uses simple electric principles to make your urban driving experience carbon free. The first one of it’s kind.

Using a Hawker 48v battery, the Venturi Eclectic is a 3-seat electro-solar vehicle powered by an air cooled asynchronous 11kWc motor. It will drive for 5 hours with its onboard charger or 3 when plugged into an outlet.

Stylistically, the Venturi Eclectic looks like some mash up between a covered wagon, a golf cart and something out of Popular Science, circa 1990. The bicycle wheels, cloth covered wooden seats, fabric doors (removeable), wifi kit and locking trunk all round out the funky ride. Call me out on this but I’m smitten and don’t know why.

Cost: $35,757 (Europe only) @ Venturi

Hairpin turns are no fret for the Venturi Eclectic, especially at 25mph (Barry Hathaway)