R.L. Winston Boron II-MX Fly Rod

For The Fly Fishing Elite And Not So Elite

Sink, Line, and Your Hooked

If you know anything about fly fishing (the best hobby you’ll ever take up), you’re aware that R.L. Winston rod’s are widely renowned as the best in the world. Their new series the Boron II-MX is no exception.

Known for being light weight and able to generate fast line speeds, the II-MX’s now bring the strength to make longer casts; making them capable for fishing in both salt and fresh water. So whether you’re chucking 6′ foot long “grocery” flies or battling rod humbling winds, a Boron II-MX will get the job done.

What this means to you: With more fishing options, you better catch something.

Cost: $625-$685 @ Riverbum

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