1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

19 Years Old, 64,000 Miles, And Pretty Damn Perfect

I’d trade in a Land Rover for a Jeep Wagoneer anyday.

If you haven’t gathered, the GP team works hard to bring unique products you don’t see rehashed across every website or blog from here to the end of the web. From time to time, we cross the threshold of unique men’s gear to personal obsessions – admittedly, mine is the continual embrace of anything vintage. So, when I read this article about Jeep Wagonner restoration specialist, Wagonmaster in Men’s Vogue, I was smitten.

I have a soft spot for the old wood-claden Jeep Wagoneer. A triumphant 4×4 jewel of the late eighties. It predates the whole notion of “SUV”, “Crossover” and “Hybrids”. Dammit, it was all of them – um, swapping the hybrid’s regenerative battery for a 2-barrel carbuerator of course. This particular restored Wagoneer’s powerplant of choice was an AMC 5.9 liter engine producing 235 glorious, late 80’s, horsepower. It just makes me want to throw on and old pair of jeans, a t-shirt and take some friends to the lake with a few beers in tow.

Cost: $33,000 @ Wagonmasters