Leatherman Serac LED Flashlight

From The Men That Brought You Multi-Tools Comes… Light


By Guest Writer Mark Arevalo

Leatherman Serac S1 looks right at home on your keychain

As a man, you’ve probably had or currently own a Leatherman multi-tool of some kind. It goes with you on your camping trips, sits in the glove compartment of your car or toolbox, or even your tactical missions… if you’re a tactical mission type of guy.

Come this Fall, Leatherman will have a new option to help illuminate your next camping trip, or otherwise, with their sweet new lineup of keychain and pocket-sized LED flashlights. The S1, S2 and S3 (S1 pictured above, S3 below) will provide up-to 100 lumens on various settings and engineered to operate on a single battery. Better yet, many of the sheaths (for the past few years) that currently hold your Leatherman will accommodate the Serac flashlight.


Cost: Serac S1 ($25) | Serac S2 ($50) | Serac S3 ($70) @ Leatherman (Fall 2008)