Dog Poo Bags

Shit Happens. Just Be Prepared.

Further evidence, everything can be civilized if you look hard enough…

Let’s be honest for a moment. When you leash together your fate with that of your four-legged friend and head out of doors into the certain chaos that waits, you realize that, in fact, your dog is walking you. As pet owners, we know that, in spite of our most obedient hopes for them, our canine companions are going to do what they want to do, where they want to do it. Worse yet, they seem to know the score. Fear not men, Gear Patrol wants to give you back the evolutionary advantage.

Enter dog poo bags. Simple, yet effective, they are a stylish take on the classic doggy bag (the non-restaurant variety). By combining hands-free efficiency with a variety of pithy slogans, these brightly-colored, biodegradable bits of German engineered fancy represent the übertool for tackling the discerning dog owner’s dirty jobs. Mike Rowe would be proud. Better yet, you can order them directly from the designers via their website, which boast one of the greatest domain names ever conceived. Visit Poo Poo Bags to realign your sense of duty (?) with your pooch’s proclivities.

Cost: $20 @ Poo Poo Bags