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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09

Nope, it’s not CBS Sports – you’re looking at Tiger Woods 09.

For ten years running, EA Sports’ venerable Tiger Woods Golf series has steadily improved the virtual golf experience for the teeming hordes of digital duffers. This year’s game is certainly no exception. Rendered in the same high-def glory as your favorite fourth round telecast, Tiger Woods 09 offers you access to some of golf’s most hallowed grounds all for the cost of a dozen Pro V1s. Considering the fact that you’d be lucky to escape with any of those pricey orbs intact following a round at any of the game’s courses, Tiger Woods 09 might sit atop the standings in the golf-value department.

Annual Tiger devotees will be pleased with the addition of several new features to this iteration; club tuning allows you to adjust face bias and perimeter weighting like you are tweaking Indy car gear ratios. EA’s player creator is still second to none, allowing you to craft your own custom golfer (think you, with bigger muscles). Dynamic skill adjustment promises to keep the game challenging for veterans and neophytes alike. Even Tiger’s own swing coach, Hank Haney, cameos to orchestrate your range routine. Wii owners should stretch before swinging as they’ll be tested with 1:1 motion control over their digital doppelgangers.

What this means to you: Tiger Woods 09 is the most immersive golf experience to date for home console players. If you’d like to get your feet wet without paying a dime, download the free demo available on both Xbox Live and Playstation Network.

Cost: PS3 ($59) | Xbox 360 ($59) | Wii ($49)

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