GP.EDITORIAL.gifLast week we asked Gear Patrol readers what they drank most. 192 of you voted and we wanted to share the results.
By and large ‘Anything That Comes In A Six Pack’ (a la Beer) won with 28% of the votes. Not that we’re surprised – we are, after all, men. But a surprising 6% of you voted for ‘Drinks with Fruit and Umbrellas’. We’re all for unique, but no shame indeed. 14% of our voters went for the liquid gold, that is, Scotch. 11% for whiskey – the same for wine, 10% for Gin and 10% for molotov cocktail fuel, and 9% for Kentucky’s finest.

So, if you feel compelled, tell us (comment or write) what your favorite drinks or brands are? Gear Patrol’s listening.