ManPoll Results: What Do You Drink Most?


GP.EDITORIAL.gifLast week we asked Gear Patrol readers what they drank most. 192 of you voted and we wanted to share the results.
By and large ‘Anything That Comes In A Six Pack’ (a la Beer) won with 28% of the votes. Not that we’re surprised – we are, after all, men. But a surprising 6% of you voted for ‘Drinks with Fruit and Umbrellas’. We’re all for unique, but no shame indeed. 14% of our voters went for the liquid gold, that is, Scotch. 11% for whiskey – the same for wine, 10% for Gin and 10% for molotov cocktail fuel, and 9% for Kentucky’s finest.

So, if you feel compelled, tell us (comment or write) what your favorite drinks or brands are? Gear Patrol’s listening.