All Pens Are Not Created Equal

Waterman Hemisphere Pen

waterman-hemisphere-pen.jpgAt Gear Patrol we believe it’s all about the details. So it goes without saying that the half chewed Bic wedged between your ear and skull is simply no longer acceptable at the office, or anywhere for that matter.

Instead get a professional look without breaking the bank, with the Waterman Hemisphere. The pen’s contemporary design and palladium plating exudes professionalism and is just as comfortable with contracts as it is with post its (my medium of choice).

So when your flesh eating lawyer negotiates the sale of your first venture for $30 mil, make sure you’re appropriately equipped for the task. Otherwise doodle in style during your next conference call like the baller you are.

Editor’s Tip: Skip the mess of a fountain pen by choosing a roller ball tip.

Cost: $23 @ Amazon