Virtual Signing Bonus For The Armchair Quarterback

DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket

Virtual Signing Bonus For The Armchair Quarterback

Must… see… more… football…

If there was ever a reason for you to wish you had a clear view of the Southern skies*, it’s DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket. A literal cornucopia of NFL football viewing, Sunday Ticket offers you more options than Donovan McNabb.

The basic package ($289) allows you to watch every NFL game every Sunday of the NFL regular season. No longer are you restricted to just your markets games. You’ll get enhanced viewing experiences like real-time scoreboards of all the day’s actions, Game and Player statistics (team and individual) and our favorite: Player Tracker.

Football Stats Euphoria – NFL Sunday Ticket Player Tracker

Player Tracker allows fans and fantasy football fanatics to track their favorite players, offering the statistics of up to two teams of nine players each, and receive real-time onscreen alerts.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. For $99 more, you can upgrade yourself to the Superfan tier that gets you:

  • Supercast – the entire weekly lineup of live games available via web-stream to their PC or laptop computer every Sunday
  • Red Zone Channel –provides up-to-the-minute highlights, combined with live-action of critical plays and moments from game broadcasts.
  • Game Mix – Allows fans to view eight game broadcasts on one screen.
  • Short Cuts –features edited versions of NFL game broadcasts, allowing fans to watch an entire game in 30 minutes or less.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket Mobile – receive in-progress highlights from games on demand via their mobile phones.

You even get the option to choose a remote for your own team.

No peripheral left logoless.

What this means to you: Over the top? We didn’t think so either. As a matter of fact, we’ve already signed on for our second season.

Cost: NFL Sunday Ticket $289 + Superfan $99 @ DirecTV

* – Random info: In case you didn’t already know, DirecTV satellite dishes have to be pointed to the Southwest or Southeast skies depending on your location.