Salute to Football Season


For some, the end of August is a sad time when summer slowly winds to a close. For others though the final days of August signify something far more meaningful – football…

Dust of your coozies and fire up your grills men, it’s time for pigskin. Whether your grace the hallowed asphalt lots for tailgating extravaganzas or prefer your gridiron perspective in the the comforts of your home, may your feats of cookin, drinking, cheering and jeering be greater than ever before.

Long have you waited for the sensory symphony of football: sizzling grills, sordid rants of opposition, clashing titans on the field, clanging coolers, the crisp aroma of beers – you are man. You are football and we salute you.

Today is Friday, so lets Hail Mary into the weekend with some football gear.