Titlecraft – Ultimate Fantasy Football Trophy


Pigskin prognosticators rejoice! As the commencement of the NFL season draws nigh, so does the start of the Fantasy Football season. I am proud to count myself among the 40 million plus Americans whose utter dedication to 17 weeks of gridiron speculation result in a near 19 billion dollar fourth quarter loss in corporate productivity. Clearly the stakes are high, thus the rewards should be equally lucrative. Allow me to present The Ultimate Fantasy Football Trophy, which is nothing if not aptly named.

Though the rules of each league vary, you and your fellow owners likely play for some combination of pride, cash, and a tangible symbol of your skill and dominance. The Ultimate Trophy from Titlecraft represents the most handsome, enviable vision of that symbol. Handcrafting each masterpiece right here in the good ol’ US of A, Titlecraft offers a wide range of styles and prices. You’ll have the option of choosing a proven design or customizing your own unique league award with up to nineteen different options.

Gear Patrol asked Ed Reichow, Titlecraft’s trophy master, to give his take on the majesty of his craftsmanship. Here’s what Ed has to say:

“This isn’t for lesser men… we wanted to create a prize that justifies the effort that the serious fantasy player puts in.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

What this means to you: Want to take your league to the next level? Look no further than the Ultimate Fantasy Football Trophy. Take it from us at GP, there’s simply nothing else out there that compares.

Cost: $299 to $799 @ Titlecraft