Van Vacter Ice Cream Knife

An Ice Cream Knife Even Chuck Norris Would Approve

van_vacter_ice_cream_knife.jpgWith summer at an end, there’s still time left to enjoy your favorite indulgence, ice cream. And of course, Gear Patrol, we can’t just look at this creamy treat without finding the perfect tool to serve (er, cut) it up.

The Van Vacter Ice Cream Knife (awesome name) features a serrated edge that cuts through rock hard ice cream with ease and puts grooves on your scoops to keep those toppings in place. Your days of bent serving spoons are over. There’s little time left this summer, so enjoy the hot days while they last.

Editor’s Tip: Don’t throw the Van Vacter I.C.K. at people, no matter how much you want Ben & Jerry’s.

Cost: $19 @ Broadway Panhandler