Indochino Tailor-Made Suit

Custom Made-To-Measure Designer Suit. Mainstream Price.

Suit: Indochino Piccadilly Purple Pinstripe Suit (Jacket, Pants, Vest – $395), Ultimate Utility Shirt ($85), Louis’ Lilies Blue Tie ($40), Chrome Cubes Cufflinks ($35), Sunglasses: John Varvatos, Phone: iPhone 3G, Watch: EOS Red Knight in Black

Whether you earn five or six figures, the thought of purchasing a custom tailored suit seems a bit daunting. We empathize. They’re expensive, require multiple visits to the tailor, and take a month to produce. Frankly, more commitment than you, or we, have time for.

Take our advice and skip the department and chain stores. Your next suit can and will be custom tailored. It’s going to be based off a designer label cut. It’s going to cost you less than four hundred dollars. And it’s only going to take you a few minutes to purchase.

Enter Indochino, a purveyor of custom tailored premium quality suits based of the latest designer styles. They deliver the goods and they deliver them fast. They focus on busy professionals, hard to fit body types and any man looking for quality and speed. How fast? The ordering process takes 10 minutes top to bottom. That fast.

Read about the entire tailored suit experience after the jump.

Hand-stitched suiting under $400? You betcha.

The suit you’re looking at in our pictures is the Piccadilly Purple Pinstripe 3-piece suit. We selected it with the Fall season just around the corner in mind because of the versatility one gets with a 3-piece suit. No longer for the banker, the 3-piece suit works dressed down (vest, jeans and crisp white shirt) or up (jacket, pants, with or without vest). With a few select accessories, a 3-piece suit can immediately amp up your wardrobe. Better yet, the custom suit along with the others from Indochino are designed in limited editions that are sold for only 2-3 weeks. Try to get that off-the-rack.

As a proper tailor should, Indochino will send you fabric swatches of choice.

The 10 minute ordering process couldn’t be more simple. You can either follow Indochino’s simple videos on how to measure yourself or print off their form, take it to your own local tailor, enter your sizes and send it off. After you select a suit from either Indochino’s stylebook or suit selection, you’ll have a custom tailored suit shipped (free) directly to your front door with a perfect fit guarantee in less than two weeks. This makes Indochino the fastest custom suit tailor out there. They’ll even pay the first $25 of any additional alterations you probably won’t need.

An affordable custom-tailored suit. Almost sounds like an oxymoron. Trust us, we were just as skeptical about the whole process as you are but the experience start to finish made us believers.

It’s time for you to upgrade those ratty old suits sitting in your closet and show the public just how sharp you look in a suit that shows the fruit of your character, as Emerson would say.

At the prices ($200-$400) and styles (limited editions) Indochino offers, you may just want to consider getting two.

Now, the fun part. Selecting a suit that fits you.