Dusty Overby | New GP Contributing Editor

From the Editor: The team continues to grow here at GP and with Dusty Overby joining the ranks – we are now 8 strong. Dusty’s already brought a few posts to the table and you’ll continue to see his near-infamous verbal rants & raves on Gear Patrol as he tries to bring you the best in gaming, household goodies and other gear. Based in Knoxville, TN (my home town) we’re undoubtedly looking forward to him bringing it strong, Southern style.

dusty-overby.jpgGents… my name is Dusty. To date, I have been resident amongst the masses of Gear Patrol devotees. Now, I have received a different calling. My charge is to shrug off the casual and carefree life of one who solely reads; I am to eschew the selfish pleasures man-info consumption, and to, instead, contribute mighty works of journalistic prowess suitable for the enlightenment of the Gear Patrol audience.

I’m sure that we would all agree that Gear Patrol shines as a bright beacon in the world of Men’s Lifestyle and Leisure. With numerous other sites and magazines vying for your attention, you read Gear Patrol because it cuts through the worthless flotsam and jetsam the other sites and blogs rehash day in and day out, bringing you a unique perspective on the latest gizmos and whatnots that matter to you. Well, it just so happens that I majored in gizmos and minored in whatnots.

Hopefully, my background and experiences will allow me to deliver piping-hot and tasty content direct to you from my areas of expertise. I was schooled in the beautiful Southeastern U.S. of A. There I spent only a modicum of time in actual class; instead wisely opting to hone other skills such as video game dominance (Ed: Dusty’s GoldenEye skills were unparalleled – full stop), media and entertainment studies, and indulging my competitive nature.

Post graduation, I sojourned for three years in southern Germany. There, I garnered a great appreciation for European culture as well as their longstanding brewing traditions/skills. Needless to say, travel is up there on my list of personal passions. Now I am back in the States where, by day, I work in sales and marketing in the construction industry. Also, I’m an on-again, off-again runner who enjoys many outdoor activities, preeminent among them being a fanatical, though rarely fantastical, golfer.

That being said, you may have to indulge some of my written idiosyncrasies. If my posts get too wacky, surely someone will let me know (Eric?). I plan to bring a bit of wit and wisdom to a community that clearly already has them in spades. Fellow readers, I shall do you proud by helping advance Gear Patrol in advancing you. After all, it’s a good bet that at least some of what entertains me just might entertain you too.

Dusty can be reached for question or comments via e-mail at [email protected]