Retro Space

No Quarters Required

retro-space-console-game-machine.jpgWindmills. Tulips. Wooden shoes. These items may represent your estimation of Dutch life and culture. Allow me to disabuse you of the notion that no GP-worthy innovation has come from that low-lying pastoral wonderland known as the Netherlands. For years, we (I) have been dreaming of a way to play the arcade and console classics of yesteryear in a manner befitting their original button-mashing glory. It would seem that the anguished cries emanating from the corridors here at Gear Patrol HQ have been heard by a young Dutchman, named Martijn Koch. His answer: retro space.

Paying homage to the first coin-operated arcade cabinet, “Computer Space” which debuted in 1971, retro space fearlessly collides a nostalgic design with the latest in construction and gaming hardware. This sleek beast will satiate your hunger for audio/visual stimulation by way of a 24 inch 1080p LCD display married to 200 watts of audiophile quality sound. The cabinet is precision milled, offered in a variety of slick hues, and features an anodized aluminum control panel to support and cool your sweaty mitts. Add to that the brains to emulate over 100 licensed arcade classics or your collection of 8 and 16 bit ROMS and you’ve got yourself a veritable retro-game-gasm.

What this means to you: Suffice it to say, retro space is the bar for which all retro games (any for that matter) should be held. Say hello to the newest addition to your game room.

Cost: $7150 – $8590 @ Retro Space