Vizio XVT 1080p LCD HDTV

47 Inches Of Football Watching Splendor

Gear Patrol already established that it’s football season and asked whether you follow NFL or College football. We showed you that subscribing to DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket will advance your football consumption to dangerous awesome levels and winning a Titlecraft Fantasy Football Trophy is one of the best rewards for your virtual gridiron.

But we have yet to discuss the most important part of the in-home football experience. Your massive wall-hugging liquid crystal high definition television. The centerpiece of any football viewing endeavor. GP’s decided to equip our office (perks!) with the Vizio XVT we told you about two months ago.

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Well, the XVT is finally on the market and we’ve thown down our 1400 bucks for the 47 inch VIZIO SV470XVT. Our retinas are eagerly awaiting an assault of retina burning 6,500:1 contrast ratio and ridiculously smooth 120hz refresh and 5ms response rates. Are we showing off? Yes, but it’s for your benefit.

Why? Because, if you haven’t noticed, that flat panel you’ve got hanging on your wall is probably like ours – it’s slow. Ever notice how images kind of ghost when things are moving quickly, like football for instance. That’s called the refresh rate and the new Vizio XVT LCD runs at 120hz, twice that of most flat panel televisions, using a technology called Smooth Motion Video Processing. All we care is that fast-action movies and sports never looked so buttery smooth. Best of all the new lowered price will fit in any mans ‘football budget’. We wouldn’t want you watching football on something subpar now would we?

Cost: $1399 @ Sams Club, Costco | $1899 @ Circuit City