Burberry Brit Check Wallet

A Wallet Befitting Of Your Back Left Pocket

A brand you may have not thought to purchase, consider Burberry in black.

There are a few essential accessories every man owns and uses every day and a good wallet is one of them. And it’s about time to upgrade that old velcro tri-fold you’ve been packing since college. Not to mention working-out that outline in the back left pocket of your jeans. Something women aren’t too hot on… trust me, I’ve looked into it.

The Burberry Brit Check wallet is construted with PVC and a soft Italian leather interior. It holds three credit cards on each side and has one large bill pocket in the back. Best part is that the classic Burberry Brit check is in sleek black and doesn’t scream for brand recognition. Something, GP strongly un-endorses.

What this means to you: Next time you’re reaching for the bill at the company dinner, pay for it with some subtle style.

Cost: $215 @ Nordstrom