Molteni Professional 145 Evolution Range

There Are Ranges And Then There Are Molteni Ranges

A man’s place is a kitchen. A kitchen equipped with a Molteni Professional 145 Evolution.

Your demand for the very best extends to, quite possibly, the most important room in a man’s home. The kitchen.

At the heart of every good kitchen is a good range and a good looking piece of equipment is nothing if it can’t keep up with you in the kitchen. If you’re looking for something professional grade, with amazing attention to detail, a rich history, and classic design, then look no further than the Molteni Professional 145 Evolution. A Moleteni (MOLE-ten-ee) is an absolute luxury to have/want/need, each range is hand-made to your exact dimensions and technical specs (too many to list) and fully integrated with your kitchen.

What this means to you: A professional’s (or pro-aspiring) dream to have in the restaurant and nothing short of pure singularity in the homestead.

Cost: Home ($23,000-$75,000), Professional (Varies) @ Molteni