Jeep J8 Heavy-Duty

Sorry, You Can’t Get One

Jeep J8 Heavy Duty. Grrrrr….

The Jeep J8 Heavy Duty. Further evidence that great vehicles don’t always make it to the United States.

A diesel powered Jeep makes sense. Not just because diesel vehicles are fantastic and efficient, but the notion that a heavy-duty Jeep would answer the calls and wishes from off-road enthusiasts. This writer included. The 158 hp/295 lb-ft torque 4-cylinder turbodiesel engine gives the J8 a 7700 lb towing capacity through its Command-Trac four wheel drive system. It’s also fitted with a hood-mounted snorkel for fording 30 inches of water, a sandstorm (or LA dust) for up-to 5 hours and all-around ruggedness credentiality.

Don’t call it a Wrangler. This is the Jeep J8. Just too bad you can only get it if you’re in the military or civilian government. Additional image after the jump.