Swisstrax Interlocking Floor Tiles

Never Has Flooring Induced So Much Garage Envy

A whole new level of garage gear obsession. [click on image to enlarge]

If you are anything like me, then your garage serves as a multifunctional part of your home. It’s a place to park your vehicles, store your tools, hide your toys, and, just maybe, hide yourself. If your garage is anything like my garage, then its floor looks like absolute crap. Enter Swisstrax.

Originally hailing from Switzerland but now manufactured in California, Swisstrax represents Gear Patrol’s new favorite innovation from the neutral nation, coming out of nowhere to unseat Ricola cough drops and holey cheese. Swisstrax offers six different styles of tile, some of which are available in fourteen different colors. Even better, their website features a floor designer whereby you can layout a custom floor and easily order all the pieces you’ll need. Here’s a tip: the square tiles lend themselves perfectly to oversized renderings of your favorite 8-bit game characters (think Mario, the size of a Mazda).

Their various designs suit garages, workout rooms, airplane hangars, and more. Each tile features a hefty complement of snap locks to secure it to its brethren, and a four point injection molding process that allows a Swisstrax floor to withstand up to 40,000 pounds of roll-over compression. Even if you could overwhelm this floor system with the sheer bulk of your man-toys, you’d be backed by a 12 year warranty. My favorite feature is simply a function of the tiles interlocking design. Unlike other floor coatings and coverings, the tiles are inherently portable and reusable. Consider me impressed.

The best way to test garage flooring, get a Ferrari F430. [Courtesy: Swisstrax]

Gear Patrol Hands-On: GP procured Swisstrax floor tiling for hands-on testing. We pinched, pulled, stomped, and even bit the Swisstrax with all of our combined might. Nary a scratch was made. Conclusion: this is one tough tile.

Cost: $3.95 per sq ft @ Swisstrax