Atocha Record Cabinet

A Cabinet Worthy Of Your Dad’s Vinyl Collection


Sometimes there are moments in the past when you wish you thought a little harder about the decision you made. Say, for example, that weekend when your dad asked you to come by and help clean out the garage. And instead of throwing those three dusty crates full of vinyls into the back of your car, you added them to the trash pile. A bit sad in retrospect.

Atocha-Record-Cabinet-materials.jpgBut for those men that understood the value of those old LP’s, not to mention those of you with the foresight of their value in today’s market, will know that your records deserve a home befitting of their worth. The Atocha Record Cabinet is a gorgeous piece of furniture and worth every penny of its post-modern American Walnut and European cored plywood construction (American Maple, Oak and Bamboo are also options). Those of you with a taste for the modern can also get the Atocha Record Cabinet configured for CD’s, DVD’s or components. (see other configurations)

Editor’s Tip: Now, I know that $12,500 is an insurmountable amount of money. As a matter of fact I’d be uncomfortable spending that kind of cash myself… but that’s not the point of this post is it. It’s to inspire you to keep an eye out at that next garage sale you drive by. Maybe keeping an eye for a cabinet some other guy hasn’t had the foresight to keep, like many other things.

Cost: $12,500 $5,500 @ Atocha Design

[as seen on: GearCrave]