GP Dossier | Vol. 1 Issue 4

Debonair Magazine shows you how to Get Treated Like a VIP at Restaurants

The guys at Asylum have a happy hour fact that states Men With Sexist Views Earn More. Agree? We do (fortunately and unfortunately).

The Bachelor Guy has chosen their 40 Lingerie Semi-Finalists, now it’s time to vote for your favorite.

We’d be doing mankind a disservice by not mentioning that Shea Stadium will be long missed after it is torn down. That doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself a part of the stadium though… literally. The guys at How To Roll show you how.

WallStreetFighter asks, Who Is the Hottest Woman Let Go From Lehman? Interesting question since GP’s located only two blocks from their New York office.

It’s Fall, so it’s time for you to better understand how to match sweaters with ties. Let Men’s Flair teach you how.

Oh, and yes… we know we’ve been delinquent with our GP Dossier posts.