GP Protocol | Rule #13 – Know How To Pack

GEAR PATROL PROTOCOL.gifGear Patrol Protocol Rule #13 – A man should know how to pack properly for many reasons, but above all because he is a man and mastery of travel is his domain. Not to mention one never knows when he might need to take a (the) lady for a spontaneous getaway.

Here are five simple steps for you to follow.

  • Heavy At The Bottom – Starting from the bottom, distribute the heavier items towards the bottom: shoes, boots, coats and blazers (better yet, wear your sports coat). Follow the stack with casuals then more formal items and top with your toiletries for easy access. Read on.
  • Roll The Casuals – Above them, put your rolled t-shirts, polos and other casual clothes with heavier fabrics. They’ll resist creasing and you’ll be surprised how much space rolling clothes creates. Roll socks, boxers and replace any small open areas.
  • Fold The Formals – Fold your shirts and sweaters properly (halve the sleeve, fold behind, fold other sleeve older, fold shirt in half with collar facing you and up). If you’re feeling especially OCD, put a layer of tissue paper between shirts to better resist folding. Don’t ask us why, but it works.
  • Ziploc Bags Rule – Reach into that pantry and pull out two ziploc bags if you’re not planning to check your bag. One bag for your army of 4 oz, TSA approved toiletries, and another for backup. Toss them in your zippered toiletry bag or dopp kit at the top for easy access.
  • Laundry, Lads – Toss an extra large ziploc bag, laundry sack or a plastic grocery bag (in a pinch) with a couple of dryer sheets inside to keep your laundry fresh.